Why Symbols are Increasingly Used for Road Signals

19. 7. 18 Posted by admin
More and more road signals that help guide traffic use symbols because they are easier for drivers to see and quickly understand from a distance, rather  than making out words. Symbols help drivers adjust quicker to conditions ahead and let them know what to expect. Here are ways that road signs with images communicate effectively with drivers.

How Construction Signs Protect Road Workers

17. 7. 18 Posted by admin
A construction sign ahead of traffic is commonly needed in construction areas to protect workers from getting struck by vehicles. These signs come in various colors and shapes, but are generally orange or yellow, which are colors that drivers instantly associate with caution. 

Designing Custom Street Signs with Style

29. 6. 18 Posted by admin
Business establishments, homeowners associations, schools, and other organizations use custom street signs for various reasons. Although street name signs must conform to regulations, there is still room for variation to reflect the local culture or your organization's orientation. You can add your own emblem, arrow, or design. Here are reasons to consider investing in custom street signs.

Importance of Maintaining Reflective Pavement Markers

28. 6. 18 Posted by admin
Schools and commercial properties with roads often use reflective pavement markers so drivers have better visibility day or night and in rainy conditions. Using raised markers makes your roads more safe, as they reflect car headlights and alert drivers when they have moved out of a lane. Here's a deeper look at how reflectors provide a safer driving environment.