Reinforcing Safety With ‘Children at Play’ Signs

Children at play signs reinforce safety by making sure that drivers are aware of their surroundings and think about proceeding slowly.

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Protecting Workers in the Construction Zone

Work zones have reduced fatalities and injuries tremendously due to appropriate placement of traffic control devices in a construction zone.

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Improving School Safety With Push 2 Cross

The Push 2 Cross system by TraffiCalm provides extra safety measures to ensure students are protected as they walk near the campus, improving school safety.

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Modern Options for Traffic Signals

Modern options for traffic signals include flashing lights, such as LEDs and Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons, and Internet of Things based systems.

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Where Warning Signs Are Needed Most

Warning signs on the road are placed carefully and strategically in order to maximize their effectiveness for safety to drivers.

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Important Aspects of Sign Visibility

The most important factors for sign visibility, according to the International Sign Association, are size, angle, location, luminance, and contrast.

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Meeting Requirements With Pool Signs

Pool signs serve multiple purposes and have safety requirements, as they not only inform and warn swimmers, they protect property owners from lawsuits.

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TraffiCalm’s Innovative Radar Technology

Innovative traffic control systems like TraffiCalm help create safer roads for drivers and pedestrians through signs that use electronics & LED lights.

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Promoting Safer Curves With Sequential Chevrons

Sequential chevrons are modern traffic solutions that warn motorists around potentially high risk curves when on the road.

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How to Ensure MUTCD Pavement Markings

MUTCD pavement markings need to have compliance in proper widths, patterns, and lines in order to avoid fines and help make roads safer.

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