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Improving School Safety With Push 2 Cross

May 22, 2020

Schools need to think about modernizing crosswalk technology with the advent of the Push 2 Cross system manufactured by TraffiCalm. This system provides extra safety measures to ensure students are protected as they walk near the campus. Here are ways this system can improve traffic control in school zones.

What Is Push 2 Cross?

Push 2 Cross is an MUTCD compliant electronic traffic control system designed for pedestrian crossings and school routes. The system connects with the internet through TraffiCalm’s proprietary WiFi platform, so it doesn’t require any other connection or software. The system gives the user multiple options how to set controls such as timing for the flashing LED lights. These lights surround yellow or green warning signs and draw attention quickly to the message.

The signs contain 80 LEDs with UV resistant lens. The high intensity flashing lights help alert drivers to watch out for pedestrians crossing the street. The system integrates with any operating system, mobile device, or browser to schedule commands. A major advantage to the equipment is that it’s designed to be indestructible, making it durable in any type of weather.

TraffiCalm’s Sign Alert technology is part of the Safe Routes to School (SRTS) program, in which the Federal government awards grants to schools to install traffic control systems. The program includes electronic driver feedback signs that inform drivers of their speeds and the speed limit. The signs use radar technology and have proven to be effective as a traffic calming solution.

These flasher signs can be used to fit over and illuminate existing 30-36 inch signs. TraffiCalm provides either completed signs or flasher rings that fit over existing signs. Many schools use flashers on school zone signs combined with driver feedback signs.

Solar and AC Power

TraffiCalm manufactures both solar powered and AC powered Push 2 Cross systems. Using solar power strengthens a school’s image with the public, which supports green energy and environmental protection. When people see the solar panel attached to the system, they associate it with clean energy and social responsibility. Many schools save thousands of dollars per year by using solar energy. The more money a school saves on energy, the more it can spend on education.


Ensuring public safety is a major requirement for a learning institution, especially ones attended by young children. TraffiCalm’s Push 2 Cross system gives schools a choice for high quality flashing lights on crosswalks. Contact Zumar at our Arizona, California or Washington location to learn more about various traffic control systems.

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