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How Driver Feedback Signs Calm Traffic

June 22, 2020

One of the most sophisticated developments in traffic control devices this century has been driver feedback signs. Designed to calm traffic, especially in congested areas, these electronic signs let motorists know how fast they’re going as they pass. Here are key reasons these signs are effective at slowing down speeding cars.

No One Likes Getting Caught Speeding

The primary advantage of driver feedback signs is they remind drivers instantly that they are being monitored. That’s when the thrill of high speed adventure suddenly fades and turns into fear of getting pulled over. Even if there are no law enforcement officials around, there’s still a “gotcha” effect. Since the penalties for speeding are severe in many states, the common result of these signs is the foot eases off the accelerator.

Electronic signs have more impact than static signs because people have come to identify electronic messages as authoritative. When motorists see their speed displayed on a big screen next to the speed limit sign, it’s a reminder that digital technology keeps track of speed more accurately than a human. One of the reasons many people speed is because they lose track of what they’re doing.

Driver feedback signs serve as a wake up call to drivers who are distracted by non-driving activities, such as talking on a smartphone or to a passenger. The signs also work to slow down the general flow of traffic to create safer road conditions. Research shows speeding drivers typically slow down 80 percent of the time when approaching these signs. The LED messages also influence motorists to pay closer attention to speed limit signs.

How Speed Detection Works

At the foundation of speed detection technology is radar, which is a form of radio transmission. Radar has been around since World War II and was used as a tool used for tracking approaching enemies. The radar transmitter sends out radio signals that detect objects in its path then reflects signals back to the unit’s receiver, pinpointing the object’s location and speed. It’s a reliable method for detecting speeds from 5 to 127 mph within a range of 1,200 feet. For motorists, the message can be seen from 600 feet away, which still gives them time to adjust speed.

The electronic signs are constructed to be durable and weather-resistant, making them a worthwhile long-term investment. TraffiCalm is a leading designer of driver feedback signs as well as other innovative electronic traffic control devices. The signs are Wi-Fi enabled and can be programmed remotely. The data is stored for further analysis by traffic officials. Another huge benefit is that the LED display messages can be changed in real-time or through scheduling from a mobile device.

Driver feedback signs are ideal in certain locations, such as near schools, home owners associations (HOAs), apartment complexes and hospitals. They can also be used for testing as traffic calming devices in busy traffic areas.


Signs that use radar to detect vehicle speeds are perhaps the most effective of all traffic control devices at managing traffic flow. Contact Zumar at our Arizona, California or Washington location to learn more about driver feedback signs.

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