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Why Have Your New School Sign Made By Zumar?

July 13, 2016

School administrators must be constantly thinking about the safety of their students and striving to ensure every part of their facilities comply with all federal and local regulations. Part of accomplishing the goal of maximized safety and minimized liability is installing only the highest-quality of signs on school grounds.

Zumar has acquired a reputation as a national leader in school sign manufacturing over the last six decades. Below, we look at three prime reasons why you should consider using Zumar for your next school sign purchase:

1. Experienced at Meeting FHWA Standards

Keeping precisely compliant with Federal Highway Administration rules and regulations is not an option. Failing to do so will bring costly fines, may bring still costlier lawsuits, and will result in your replacing the inadequate sign with an FHWA-compliant one later on anyway.

There are very detailed specifications to meet for sign height, size, placement, design, and reflectivity, and a high degree of uniformity is required to gain FHWA approval. It only makes sense to rely on a sign company with long experience in meeting FHWA specs and instant access to new regulations when they are mandated.

Zumar’s decades of experience strongly recommends it as a top pick for your new school sign manufacturer.

2. Extremely High-Quality Sign Construction

Durability and functionality are the watchwords in the sign manufacturing industry. Zumar has a track record of excelling on both points. Zumar is one of the biggest producers of perforated, squared steel sign posts in the U.S. Zumar’s innovative Vis-Z-Shield system that boosts reflectivity via building a three-sided reflector into the sign post. Zumar goes beyond the minimum requirements and gives you a sign that will perform better and last longer.

3. Great Flexibility in School Sign Design

You will need a good number of standardized signs on school property, bearing such messages as STOP, Slow Down, No Thru Traffic, School Zone, End School Zone, Student Drop Off, and School Bus Loading Area.

You may also want more customized school signs, such as one bearing your school’s name, team logo, or school hours. Custom signs give your premises greater “identity,” and Zumar’s manufacturing process is flexible enough that they can make these signs for you too.

For high-quality, FHWA-compliant traffic and customized school signs, contact Zumar.

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