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Quality, Compliant ADA Signs From Zumar Industries

April 6, 2017

Thanks to the Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA, it is a requirement that all residential and commercial buildings have ADA signs. The signs are also used in architectural and construction industries.

ADA signs are sometimes confused with braille signs, but the two are completely different. Braille signs and signs with raised characters are a visible manifestation of the law, but ADA Accessibility Guidelines require more than this.

Signs are considered architectural signs if they comply with one or more ADA Guidelines. As an example, if a sign is put up to identify a permanent room or space in a building such as exits and entrances, it is considered compliant. On the other hand, signs that are put up for marketing and advertising, those with company names and logos and temporary signs don’t have to comply with ADA signs guidelines.

ADA signs rules

Some of the ADA Guideline Rules for signs are as follows:

  • Signs must have non-glare backgrounds and characters, except reflective parking and other traffic signs.
  • Signs with visual characters should have a dark and light contrast between the background and the font, as well as vice versa.
  • Signs must have typefaces that are easy to read.
  • Signs for directions and information can have upper and lower case letters and simple serif typefaces that are non-decorative.
  • ADA signs that are put up to identify spaces and rooms have to be adjacent to the door of the place they are identifying. This makes it possible for those who are functionally blind to locate them.
  • Four symbols on ADA signs represent accessibility. One is the wheelchair symbol, which shows that those with a mobility impairment have access to places where the sign is placed. The others are the ear, for an available assistive listening system, the keyboard symbol indicates a text telephone, and a phone symbol shows that a volume controlled phone is available.


The ADA standards are set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). The standards this organization sets are used by the International Code Council and form the basis for the new ADA Guidelines. The standards were published by the Department of Justice and are now referred to these Guidelines as the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design.

ADA signs by Zumar Industries

Zumar Industries has been in the sign business for a few decades. We make guide signs, including ADA signs in compliance with ADA guidelines, rules, and standards. Our signs use top quality and durable material and are offered at affordable rates.

Whether your building is a residential or commercial building, contact us to learn more about our quality signs. Zumar Industries was developed on a foundation of integrity, quality, and family values. We are committed to the communities we work in and we look for opportunities to give back. We are involved in different activities through our Washington, California, and Arizona branches. This includes golf tournaments for kids and events to promote neighborhood security, such as the 2015 Safe Streets Champion Breakfast.

Choose Zumar Industries for quality signs. With Zumar Industries, you also get a partner through whom you can give back.

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