Intelligent Beacon Systems
Intelligent Beacon Systems
Intelligent Beacon Systems

Intelligent Beacon Systems

Adding Flashing Beacons to new or existing signs can increase awareness and compliance with regulatory and warning signs at challenging roadway locations.

TraffiCalm’s Universal Beacons are able to be mounted to any type of pole, from round poles to square wooden and metal posts.

The Universal Beacons are part of the TraffiCalm Intelligent Beacon Series, which includes a large variety of top-of-pole or side-of-pole mounted controller/collaborator cabinets and solar or AC options with various sized batteries to meet the requirements of any application in any location.


  • Ruggedized Electronics – All electronics, radios, and LEDs are fully epoxy-potted and environmentally sealed. The entire pole with the sign, controller, solar panels, beacons, and batteries can be fully submerged and still operate.
  • Built-in Beacon Timer and Scheduler – No external beacon timer is required when an intelligent controller is selected. The system comes with a built-in software timer and the ability to schedule the beacon activity up to 1 year in advance or run 24/7. Systems with basic controllers are plug-n-play with no programming and scheduling options.
  • Ease of Installation – The ease of installation allows for quick setup on any existing sign post.
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