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Zumar Traffic Signage for Every Purpose

May 2, 2017

For decades, Zumar Industries has been manufacturing the full range of high-quality highway and street signs needed to alert and direct traffic and protect drivers and passengers, vehicles, pedestrians, bicyclists, work zones, and private and public property. Zumar not only produces signage for public highways, construction zones, and city streets, but also for school areas, homeowners associations, private businesses, and public institutions.

Wherever the need exists, Zumar can recommend the right signage and placement.

Zumar also produces signs that may be used for a variety of other purposes, including traffic control for events or parking-related directional signage.

All accessories, hardware, and even pavement markings are available from the Zumar experts.

Signs Save Lives

Whether a road sign is intended to stop, slow, or redirect traffic, these important safety elements are essential in keeping people safe. The reason most road sign colors and shapes have become universal is to ensure that drivers who may be unfamiliar with the local language can recognize when to stop or yield. Ignoring traffic signs, such as Stop or Road Closed Ahead, can result in fatal accidents.

The placement of regulatory signs like stop signs and speed limits is the responsibility of the highway department. However, for private property, parks, campuses, and neighborhoods, non-government individuals are empowered to set the limits.

Closing a Road or Access Temporarily

Road closed signs are available from Zumar. Roads may be closed for a variety of reasons. It can be a temporary situation, such as downed trees or a sudden pavement breakup which may risk causing serious damage to automobiles.

Repaving and construction can be the reason for closures which can last for days and weeks. In most cases, a detour route will require additional signage.

A street may also be blocked for a special community or neighborhood event.

Road Closed Warnings and Signs

Road signs have notably specific shapes. Everyone knows that the red octagonal sign is always a Stop sign and Yield signs are down-pointing triangles. Other kinds of warnings are represented by a diamond-shaped sign. Yellow or orange diamond-shaped signs are warnings which indicate a potential issues ahead and relay clear messages to slow down as you proceed forward. These include alerts to traffic lights, speed bumps, dead ends, low clearance, and even work zones. These messages are for your safety and the safety of anyone who may be near the roadway ahead.

Signs, whether permanently placed or temporary, must be sufficiently clear, night or day. They must be properly situated for drivers to respond to easily without endangering others.

Road Closed Signs

When a decision is made to close a road or street, the barricade company should ensure that the road closed signs are perfectly placed for the highest level of visibility. In addition, other signage should be placed to forewarn drivers that a road closure is ahead and that a detour is likely. Orange diamond shape signs should be placed sufficiently in advance of the actual road closure for motorists to slow down and stop where necessary. Various areas have different regulations depending on the type of motorway.

Contact Zumar

For more information about road closed signs or other directional or warning signage, contact the experts at Zumar at one of their offices in Glendale AZ, Santa Fe Springs CA, or Tacoma WA. Visit the Zumar website for more information.

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