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Why You Need FHWA-Approved Traffic Signs at Your School or Business

July 21, 2016

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) enforces uniformity on all traffic control signs/devices throughout the United States, enhancing safety by making traffic-sign reading more intuitive.

It not only the open highway, however, but any road open to public use (even a through road on school or commercial property) that must be equipped with traffic signs conforming to all relevant FHWA specifications.

FHWA Requirements Are Detailed and Ever-Changing

The symbols, colors, design dimensions, sign shape and size, mounting height, reflectivity standard, and other specifications on required traffic signs are detailed and all-encompassing. And yet, without fully satisfying all FHWA rules, you could expose you to fines, replacement costs, and personal injury lawsuits.

Every school or business is held responsible for the signage present on their property and for any problems that result from having improper signage. Furthermore, when FHWA rules are updated, it is the duty of property owners to be aware of the changes and implement them without undue delay.

Types of Traffic Signs Your School/Business May Need

There is a plethora of sign types you could put on your property for the viewing of road and pedestrian traffic, but we can summarize them into three main categories as follows:

1. Traffic Control

Controlling the direction and actions of drivers is the most basic function of traffic signs. This includes:

  • STOP and YIELD signs
  • Speed limit postings
  • Directional arrows
  • No U Turn
  • Merge just ahead

2. Warning Signs

Warnings of dangers just ahead are important for preventing accidents (and lawsuits). Some examples are:

  • Pedestrian Crossing/School Cross Walk
  • RR Crossing ahead
  • School bus stop ahead
  • Deer Crossing

3. Special Instructions

Some other traffic signs that do not quite fit in the first two categories given above are:

  • Parking area this way
  • Do not enter block door/driveway
  • Authorized personnel only

Where Can I Get FHWA-Approved Traffic Signs?

Given the scope of FHWA regulations and the importance of proper signage for safety, organization, and avoidance of needless liability, your should choose your sign manufacturer very carefully. You cannot afford any missteps, and you need your signs up quickly and for a reasonable cost.

One company that has nearly 60 years of experience in the traffic sign industry and has earned a reputation for excellence that is recognized everywhere is Zumar. To learn more about Zumar quality signs, contact them at the location nearest you.

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