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Why Traffic Signs and Safe Access are Good for Business

September 6, 2017

Nearly everyone in the modern world relies on cars or buses to get from point A to point B. Whether you’re a commuting to work or a working parent letting your kid take the bus, traffic signs help guide the flow of traffic so your trip is a safe and speedy one. Private businesses can also keep their employees and facilities safe with an authorized vehicles only sign.

Destination Business Versus Drive-by Business

Specialized signs, such as custom directional signage, can get more customers through the door. The Federal Highway Administration made an interesting distinction between two different kinds of shoppers – shoppers going to destination businesses and shoppers looking to quickly drop by a drive-by business. Once you know the difference, you’ll know what kind of sign you need on your business property.

A destination business is one that draws consumers in earlier since a destination business is an experience that consumers plan to have in advance. A doctor’s office, fancy restaurant, or retail store. would be examples of a destination business since consumers would set the destination beforehand. On the other hand, drive by businesses would include locations such as fast-food restaurants or gas stations where people quickly drive by, decide to stop for a few moments, then leave.

If you own or manage a drive-by business the biggest issues when it comes to custom signage are visibility, quantity, and the quality of signage near major off ramps or turn ins, plus having overall convenient access to your location. Custom signs with your logo and design front and center with directions on how to get to your shop (“Sam’s Pizza, turn right”) have been proven effective time and again at getting customers through the doors.

High visibility and quality signs are still important for destination businesses, but the emphasis is slightly different. Unlike a drive-by business that would definitely benefit from a large quantity of signs all over the place and high visibility near major turn ins, people typically know where they’re going when it comes to a destination business.

For a destination business, or even schools and apartment complexes, it’s important to concentrate on multiple points of access, while avoiding confusion or traffic congestion. Destination businesses, can benefit from having specialized lanes for entering and exiting. This has been shown to increase convenience, decrease congestion, and result in fewer fender-benders in parking lots.

Authorized Vehicles Only Signs and Keeping Everyone Safe

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) actually requires that businesses have certain standard signs. Exit signs, evacuation signs, fire signs, and hazardous area signs all may be required depending on your line of work. So could an authorized vehicles only sign which ensures only those with the right credentials and clearances drive past a certain marked-off area.

An authorized vehicles only sign can be used to mark off the point past which regular vehicles shouldn’t pass. Similarly, an authorized vehicles only parking sign can ensure that there’s always a vacant spot open for special vehicles in your fleet.

It might also be a good idea to use an authorized vehicles only sign in conjunction with machinery and equipment signs mandated by OSHA. You definitely do not want customers exposed to heavy and potentially dangerous equipment, such as fork lifts and cranes. Whether you’re a private business, in the construction industry, or doing renovations you want to keep everyone safe. Learn more from these resources here.

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