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Why Entrance Signs are Necessary

March 13, 2018

Every business with a parking lot should consider placing signs at entrances to help drivers avoid accidents. There are various other reasons for these signs, along with a variety of designs and messages to choose from. You can even customize signs, as long as you stay within regulations and standards. Here’s a closer look at how entrance signs can help your business.

Effective Communication

The main purpose of any sign is to communicate a message to drivers and pedestrians. Not all signs capture the attention of drivers, but the most important ones regarding safety need to stand out. Entrance signs serve as a “green light” to drivers, often without the use of electronics. The absence of an entrance sign opens the door to interpretation as to whether one-way or two-way traffic is permitted.

Safety is a major concern in all parking lot scenarios, including small properties. An entrance sign is definitely needed when there is an obstructed view ahead, such as an entrance that turns into a curved roadway. Drivers need to know that they are not going to get hit by opposing traffic. Signs are powerful because they tell drivers what to expect or whether there’s risk involved. Exit signs are just as beneficial for drivers on both sides of traffic.

Types of Enter and Exit Signs

The message you put on your sign should be simple, clear and concise, since drivers don’t have much time to react to signs. If there’s danger involved, it helps to use a sign with a red background and white letters, as most people equate red with an alert or danger. Enter signs can also be effective with white backgrounds and white, black or red lettering. Here are common messages for entrance and exit signs:

  • Enter Only
  • Do Not Enter
  • Stop – Do Not Enter
  • Handicap Accessible Entrance
  • No Vehicles Beyond This Point
  • Keep Gate Closed and Locked

For maximum effect, all letters are capitalized. Not all text needs to be the same size, as words such as “No” or “Enter” can be in bigger font to emphasize the message. Sometimes an arrow symbol helps clarify the location of the entrance. Portable barriers are useful and flexible if you periodically change the entrances on your property.

Big Venues Need Entrance Signs

Larger venue parking lots with multiple traffic lanes, need more enter signs. Since the 1920s, the National Park Service, has used entrance signs to help tourists avoid confusion in new surroundings. Entrance signs at such landmarks serve as a greeting and help define the image of the venue.

Many times the entrance sign at a theme park consists of the organization’s logo and the word “welcome.” More elaborate entrance signs include various destinations with arrows. Once visitors enter the parking lot, there may be additional entrance signs to help pedestrians find their way into the venue.

Keys to Sign Durability

An entrance or exit sign can last for several years if it is made of durable materials, such as heavy duty aluminum. The material needs to be resistant to rust, weather, and other environmental factors that degrade materials over time. The fonts on reflective sheeting need to also be fade-resistant. Protective overlay film can extend the lifespan of a metal sign, allowing it to last over a decade. This film makes it easy to remove graffiti created by vandals.

Signs can be further protected by inspecting them occasionally to ensure they are visible and not damaged in any way. It is particularly crucial for entrance signs to be visible at night.

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