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Why Businesses Should Consider Permanent Retail Signs

May 20, 2019

Establishments that rely on foot traffic need permanent retail signs to identify their locations. The more the sign can be illuminated at night, the more potential customers it can reach. Here are essential keys to creating effective permanent retail signs.

Why Fonts Matter

Deciding on a font for a company logo should be taken seriously since it often represents what many people remember most about a brand. The font for a business name should be easy to read from several hundred feet away. The same is true for any type of message you want to display in a store. Fancy lettering can work if it’s easy to read, but in order for signs to be effective, you need to prioritize how well they can be seen and perceived.

Avoid Generic Imagery

Any given individual sees hundreds of messages per day that it’s impossible for each message to have a great impact on his or her life. Only the most meaningful messages that resonate with individuals stay in the conscious mind or make it into discussions about interests and planning. So if the goal for a retail sign is to stand out, it’s necessary to avoid using colors and images that are overused in your area. If you see plenty of square signs in your neighborhood consider using a different shape that makes your sign look more unique.

Deciding where and how to post your signs is an important factor that affects visibility. Posting signs within a store should assist customers so that they can learn information quicker without asking a clerk questions. Signs that give specific answers help customers make more informed decisions.

Elements of Effective Signs

Effective signs are presented like headlines on a newspaper. The short message should have immediate and high impact. Sign messages, however, do not have to be complete sentences. Many times the most effective signs are just short phrases that deliver simple calls to action. Outdoor signage designed to attract attention needs to have an inviting appeal.

The most powerful signs are those that inform people on direction or navigation. Organizational information can be conveyed in signage using highly visible colors. Easy to read signs simply serve more people, particularly when complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act, which calls for wheelchair access in certain public places.


Retail signs can help build and raise brand awareness, but should be kept simple in message and design. These signs can be what customers remember the most about your business. Contact Zumar for more information about permanent retail signs at our Arizona, California or Washington location.

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