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Which Custom Parking Signs Work for You?

February 14, 2017

Have you pulled into a parking lot to see “[Name of Business] Customer Parking Only” or “Reserved Parking for [Name of Business]”? These signs are signs that have been customized especially for the business. Custom parking signs may be a suitable for your school, business, or event.

Create Your Own Parking Sign

Determine what message you want on the sign. Create a symbol that you want included and the size and font of text that will draw attention to the parking sign. Implement arrows Choosing a company that is able to make a custom parking sign will help you design your creative sign and prepare it in an efficient manner.

Importance of a parking sign

Every parking lot has familiar looking parking signs, such as Handicapped Parking Only, No Parking in a Fire Lane, and Customers Only. If you want to create a customized parking sign, you may want to add a symbol or get creative with words that alert customers or non-customers about the consequences of parking in the wrong area. Each sign serves a purpose and is a way to communicate with drivers to ensure the safety of pedestrians and drivers alike.

Zumar Industries has been around since 1947. They create custom parking signs and will have it done to your liking within a short period of time. They help you with the design and will assist in assigning the perfect colors to draw attention to the sign. They are familiar with layouts, shapes and appropriate sizing. For more information about making your own parking sign, contact Zumar Industries today at 1-800-654-7446 for residents in California. Zumar also serves Arizona and Washington.

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