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Where to Post a Parks and Recreation Sign

August 13, 2019

Within city governments are parks and recreation departments that are responsible for maintaining parks. One way to keep park maintenance to a minimum is to post signs that remind people not to litter or hang out after sunset. These signs serve a variety of purposes and are useful, particularly for directing bicyclists. Here are some of the many ways to use parks and recreation signs.

Enforcing Park Rules

One way to save money on staff for monitoring a park is to use plenty of signage that makes it clear when people can use the park and what they are allowed to bring. It’s common for a city park to post signs that say “Park Closes at Dusk” or the specific hours the park is open. Another concern people may have is whether or not pets are allowed and if they must be on a leash.

Signs can be very influential at affecting behavior at the park, as many people associate parks with family or community activities. Adults understand “No Alcohol” signs usually relate to local ordinances in public places where children may be present. Larger parks that are intended for bigger crowds may include softball diamonds, tennis courts and swimming pools with each having a unique set of rules to ensure safety for all ages.

Directing Traffic

Another reason to populate a parks and recreation district with signs is to direct traffic toward key points of interest. Parks that follow rivers and bike trails have names for stops along the way as reference points on a map. There should be signs that identify these areas. If the park does not use employees to take money at the entrance, it may use signs that point to the direction where parking is permitted.

If the park is large and covers several blocks, it’s best to use a variety of signs that help drivers understand where to park or see certain scenery. Sometimes people use parks as meeting places because they tend to be empty during the day, attracting minimal traffic. Parks are used as landmarks for public transportation as well. In these cases, visitors can enjoy more convenience when signs mark locations used as common references.

Park visitors often want to know where the restrooms are, so it’s helpful to post signs with arrows that point to these locations. A big welcome sign at the park entrance next to a directory with a map is one of the best ways to help visitors understand their surroundings. A parks and recreation sign should be as informative as possible to help establish the park’s authority.


A park’s signs can communicate many different messages to visitors. It’s helpful to use a variety of signs when the park has minimal staff overseeing it. Contact Zumar to learn more about traffic signs at our Arizona, California or Washington location.

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