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When to Use No Pedestrian Crossing Signs

August 8, 2018

Certain organizations need to post no pedestrian crossing signs in areas where it’s too dangerous or inconvenient for people to walk. Schools, hospitals and large industrial complexes can protect workers and visitors by posting signs that warn pedestrians not to cross. Here are various reasons why no pedestrian signs can make your property safer.

Types of No Pedestrian Crossing Signs

  • red circle and cross over black image of pedestrian on white background
  • the word “danger” on top and phrase “no pedestrian traffic” on bottom
  • yellow caution sign that says “no pedestrians”
  • stop sign shape with words “stop” and “no pedestrians / fork trucks only”
  • white sign that says “pedestrians prohibited”

Where No Pedestrian Signs are Needed

There are plenty of reasons for a school, factory, or mall to post no pedestrian signs, especially in loading zones or places where maintenance is conducted. You certainly do not want pedestrians coming near heavy machinery. Contractors need to particularly be cognizant of pedestrians wandering in areas with sidewalks near construction work. Pedestrians are also not permitted in areas with heavy traffic that lack sidewalks, such as freeways.

Another reason to post a no pedestrian sign is that the ground may not be safe to walk on if it isn’t paved. One of the problems with unpaved walkways is that they may contain sharp objects like rocks, nails or glass that present dangers, even to people wearing shoes. A lawn that divides a road may contain sprinkler heads that can cause people to trip. There might be holes in the ground covered up by tall grass. The ground may be too soft and muddy to support pedestrians who might get hurt on a wet or slippery surface.

In 2016 nearly 6,000 pedestrians were killed in America, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). That figure represented 16% of all traffic deaths that year. One of the many reasons is that a growing number of Americans are choosing to walk more to get exercise and to beat high gas prices. As a result of the rise in pedestrian fatalities and injuries, state legislators are working on strengthening regulations that protect pedestrians. No pedestrian crossing signs provide an alternative way to protect people on foot. These signs can certainly help organizations that need to keep emergency lanes clear of any kind of traffic.

Property Protection

Pedestrian safety is a top concern since you don’t want to add liabilities to your organization’s profile, but you should also think about protecting areas of your property that are too valuable for strangers to access. Parks with parking lots can attract late night visitors as a meeting place and maybe you would rather it didn’t develop that image. A more appropriate sign to discourage loitering is one that posts park hours and regulations. A no pedestrian sign can be effective at discouraging people from coming near construction projects where expensive equipment is used. It’s best to remind trespassers that the property is under camera surveillance.

No pedestrian crossing signs can reduce accidents and help keep curious wanderers from exploring areas where they might get hurt or cause trouble. Signs can direct people away from danger, which alone makes them worthwhile. For more information about no pedestrian crossing signs and various other types of customized signs, call Zumar at our Arizona, California or Washington location.

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