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When to Use Custom Caution Signs

February 5, 2019

Every driver is familiar with caution signs on roads and recognizes them by the bright yellow colors. These signs are commonly standardized, following ANSI and OSHA formats. However, a level of customization in wording and style is still available. Here are some situations when you may need custom caution signs, due to the uniqueness of your organization, or the situation.

Warning the Public and Employees

One of the main reasons to post a caution sign is to prevent an injury or property damage. It also may protect your organization from liability. While simply using an image can effectively convey a warning message, there may be situations that require wording to make sure the risk is understood.

If you own a parking garage that regularly floods during heavy storms on a certain floor, you should post a special warning sign on that floor. Without a warning sign that explains the problem, someone might park in a slot that gets flooded and have a hard time gaining access to their vehicle. You should also post custom caution signs if your entrances and exits only allow certain sized vehicles to pass through.

Another example when you need a special caution sign is when there is regular loud noise in an area due to maintenance or construction. Since too much exposure to loud noise can damage hearing, it is socially responsible for officials or property owners in the area to post noise warnings. Noise warning signs are particularly helpful at workplaces that use loud machinery. In some places with high noise, workers are required by law to wear ear protection.

Since Spanish is a common language in certain places like California, it’s helpful to post extra custom caution signs in Spanish, to ensure the warning message is clear to people who may not understand English.

Hazardous Areas

Environmental safety relies on making people aware of the conditions surrounding them. There are many hazardous areas that people pass every day without knowing the risks they are taking, due to lack of signage. Industrial complexes that regularly use toxic chemicals have a responsibility to let the public and employees know they may be exposing themselves to known and unknown health risks.

In any setting where toxic chemicals are used, it’s imperative to post signs that identify the dangers. Due to OSHA standards, all employees must be informed of possible dangers in the workplace. Areas where someone can breathe harmful fumes that lead to illness or death require signs that warn of specific health risks.

Chemical and biological hazards must not be overlooked since they are often invisible to the common person. Here are examples of different types of such hazards that may require custom caution signs:

  • chemical spill on the road
  • dangerous gases are emitted into the air
  • exposure to viruses in a medical facility
  • places where industrial waste is collected
  • environments where bacteria, pathogens and molds are present
  • storage areas for toxic chemicals
  • risks of exposure to radiation

You should also make sure custom caution signs are posted in areas where electric shock is possible. The words “Danger” and “Keep Out” combined with custom text should make the message clear.

Contact Zumar for the Best in Quality

Posting appropriate signage is the key to raising awareness and creating a safer environment, especially in areas that are unfamiliar to most travelers. For more information about custom caution signs call Zumar at our Arizona, California or Washington location.

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