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When to Post a “No Traffic” Sign

August 7, 2019

Sometimes a “No Traffic” sign is needed to keep drivers away from an area, whether it’s due to an accident or other reasons. The signs are usually yellow or white, depending on the level of warning. The sign must meet MUTCD standards, but comes in a number of forms, such as a red mark over a vehicle or arrows that illustrate traffic direction. Here are some of the different reasons to post a “No Traffic” sign.

Protecting Private Property

One of the main reasons to post a “No Thru Traffic” sign is to discourage drivers from entering a private property. The sign can also be used to keep traffic from entering a closed road or an area such as parking lot that connects with other properties. It helps to use reflective aluminum signs that can be seen easily at night. Aluminum is a good choice for material because it’s sturdy, durable and does not rust.

A “No Thru Traffic” sign is helpful for homeowners associations that want to keep neighborhoods secluded to create a more reserved experience. An apartment complex may need to place the sign at entrances of large parking lots where traffic flow can get congested. It will help discourage drivers from using the parking lot as a shortcut to the other side of the block.

Controlling Access

Another reason to use a “No Traffic” sign is to shut off or reduce access to a certain area, such as a special VIP parking area at a state fair. The sign may signal a checkpoint where authorities check for credentials to only allow certain personnel. Sometimes a Downtown park is used for a public event and traffic needs to be rerouted around the park. The yellow diamond-shaped “No Traffic” sign can be effectively used in construction areas where a detour is offered and arrows point to the detour.

Whenever a “No Traffic” sign is posted, it’s helpful to post an additional sign that gives a reason for the closure. Examples of additional signs include “Private Road” and “Thru Truck Route.” A “No Traffic” sign should not be confused with a similar sign that says “No Traffic Signs,” which is typically for unpaved roads where no signs exist to assist drivers.

Sometimes the easiest way to convey a road is closed or is not available for regular traffic is to use arrows pointing in both directions with a red mark over it. Another alternative is the “No Outlet” sign. One of the most basic warning signs for “No Traffic” is a red circle on a white background with a horizontal white section in the middle.


Traffic can be discouraged from flowing into a certain area with a number of different signs that convey traffic is prohibited. To learn which signs are appropriate, contact Zumar at our Arizona, California and Washington locations.

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