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When to Consider Custom Metal Signs

January 28, 2019

Metal signs are popular due to durability and resistance to severe weather, but are also attractive to organizations that need customized signage. Whether the sign is needed to identify a street, building or area, you may need a certain size outside of standardized models. Here are situations when you may want to consider having customized metal signs created for your organization.

Reasons for Customized Metal Signs

  • Conventional signs cannot be posted to metal poles
  • Typical signs do not fit the establishment’s theme
  • Hanging metal signs need special installation
  • Lack of mounting materials
  • Sign needs to be posted at a high elevation to be visible

Many conventional signs are made of .008 inch sheets of aluminum with a polythene core. This thickness works for a wide range of indoor and outdoor signs that can withstand environmental elements such as sun, wind and rain. It’s used often for retail stores and real estate signs in front yards. Aluminum is widely used due to its light weight and ability to be shaped in many different ways. Even though steel is stronger, a major advantage to aluminum is that it doesn’t rust.

You may, however, need more customized fabrication, such as more thickness and holes to be drilled a certain way or a different type of metal than aluminum, such as stainless steel, bronze and brass. Finish on aluminum is usually shiny, whether it’s brushed or polished. Some sign owners want an additional laminate coating for further protection. Even if the signs are used to sell houses, which usually come in standard sizes, you may need stronger signs with more thickness where high winds are a factor. Thicker metal provides more assurance the sign won’t get ripped down in a storm.

The various ways to hang, post or mount a sign are factors involving customization. Some signs can be placed on stands or frames, while others require drilling so that bolts, screws or nails can be used for attachments.

Original and Creative Signs

Some business owners simply want to present their establishments in a very unique way, which often calls for customized signage. Perhaps the company needs its name to be a cut out over a picturesque design or background. Unique metal signs at a national park may be needed to post at a high elevation, such as on tall trees. Welcome signs are often big structures that tower over entrances.

Your organization might have a one-of-a-kind logo that takes on a very unconventional shape, such as a heart or cylinder. Perhaps the sign needs to display colored lights that are illuminated at night. While there are countless other reasons to erect custom metal signs, it’s important to remember that many times a business sign becomes the image that customers picture when they first think of your organization, especially if it doesn’t resemble any other sign.


Aluminum signs are often the most affordable, practical and versatile solution for organizations, but there are also several options for decision makers to consider for customization. For more information on custom metal signs, contact Zumar at our Arizona, California or Washington location.

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