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What You Need to Know about Pavement Markers

May 9, 2017

When driving along a well-marked road, you’ll recognize the safety role of pavement markers. The reflective devices separate lanes so drivers can maintain their lanes when road visibility is limited. Pavement markers can be made of plastic, ceramic, metal, or thermoplastic paint. However, the reflective strips are useful components which should be present during the manufacturing of the markers.

Why are the reflective strips important in pavement markers?

Besides marking the road, reflective markers are helpful for drivers during the night. As vehicles move along the road, their lights illuminate the markers whose reflective quality allows the drivers to maintain their lanes. Pavement markers are also indispensable during harsh weather conditions, such as when there is fog or snow. Drivers can also see the lanes from long distances by following the visible markers.

Pavement markers come in different colors, depending on their application. They can be white, blue, green, yellow, or red. Each of these colors have different meanings as shown below:

  • White- White markers specify lane borders at the right shoulder of the road. A driver should drive along the left side of the white markers.
  • Blue- Although blue markers are not as common as white markers, they are placed near places with fire hydrants. If you see a blue pavement marker, look out for a fire hydrant near the shoulder of the road.
  • Green- Green markers give a provision for emergency vehicles to open the gates of a gated community when need arises.
  • Yellow- Yellow markers are quite common. They separate lanes moving in opposite directions.
  • Red- These markers mean that through traffic is prohibited.

At times, markers can exist in combined colors to produce a different meaning. Although they are small, their role for your safety is huge. At Zumar, we construct pavement markings in compliance with the standards outlined by the US Department of Transportation. We make sure the reflective strip is fixed properly and has the required color.

Who can buy pavement markings?

Anyone who cares about the safety of their visitors, staff, and family is a potential client. Schools can have pavement markings erected along the road to their location. Keeping your vicinity free from avoidable accidents is a sure way of maintaining a safe working environment for everyone else, which translates to high productivity.

If you want to make your quote today, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will work on your order right away. You don’t have to worry about delivery on installation. You can count on us too! Zumar is certainly your perfect partner on road safety and construction signs.

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