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What to Look For in a Sign Manufacturer

November 4, 2019

Every organization that posts signs on their property should be aware of what separates a quality sign manufacturer from an inexperienced startup. Ideally, it’s best to go with a company that’s been making signs in your community for a long period and has the ability to customize signs according to your needs.

Important Factors for Successful Signage

  • Simple, legible message
  • Easy to see by drivers or pedestrians
  • Appropriate size, shape and color in regulation with local standards
  • Strong posts, accessories, and other mounting factors
  • Retroreflective for night visibility
  • Long-lasting, durable materials

Sign Making Experience

The International Sign Association (ISA) celebrated its 75th year in 2019. While sign making can be considered an international industry, only a small percentage of these companies operate globally. In fact, nearly two-thirds of all sign makers operate on a local level, according to the Specialty Graphic Industry Association (SGIA). That means there’s no shortage of choices, so why not pick an experienced enterprise that wants to do things your way? Additionally, knowledgeable experts in the field can provide valuable advice on regulations and sign features that have a history of effectiveness.

A sign manufacturer that’s been in business for decades understands works or doesn’t work for attracting attention to signs. A new company, however, might not have the seasoned personnel with this expertise. Since sign making can be a serious investment – especially if it involves hundreds of signs or banners – it’s a good idea to work with sign makers who can give insight on the most successful sign concepts.

Meeting Sign Regulations

If your organization posts regulatory signs, it must comply with national standards listed in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). A new sign maker that isn’t familiar with these regulations can create problems and penalties.

Owners of private roads open for public use, for example, now must comply with the MUTCD, even though state and local officials aren’t required to enforce the standards. That means any regulatory sign used on public or private roads in the United States must meet federal requirements. The MUTCD is updated every five to a dozen years, so you need a trusted sign manufacturer who is up to date on federal standards for regulatory, warning and guide signs.

Another important regulation that sign makers must understand is that all traffic signs used at night must be retroflective with a smooth surface or illuminated enough so that drivers see the same shape and color as in the daytime.

Customized Sign Solutions

You will gain the most flexibility with a sign manufacturer that knows how to customize signs. Small startups with limited resources that try to undercut the market may rely on generic sign templates or lack the proper equipment for quality sign manufacturing. An established company that can make a wide range of signs provides the most reliability in delivering quality results.

If you need a sign manufacturer, contact Zumar at our Arizona, California or Washington location for more information on custom sign solutions.

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