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What to Know About Posting Event Signs

August 21, 2019

Promoting a community event can be done with a variety of signs posted on highways. City officials still use traditional streaming banners, but there is also a growing demand for LED signs that promote events. These signs save money by taking up far less installation time. Here are considerations for deciding on what type of event signs are necessary and most economical for large scale school or business events.

Types of Event Signs

City councils regularly vote on erecting signs on local streets to show support for the community or to create safer conditions. The small town government of London City, Kentucky, for example, recently proclaimed a tribute series to local veterans for the KY Veterans Hall of Fame. Community members paid $110 for each sign that proclaims “the utmost gratitude for all men and women of the armed forces” in the region. Some members posted signs in their driveways.

Temporary movable signs are often the best choice for special events. The city or local organizations might get involved with a school event to help finance temporary signs to promote the event. Since the signs are lightweight, they don’t require heavy duty machinery to transport. The portable event signs are designed to be easy to move, so they require less people, which saves money.

Banners made of vinyl, fabric or mesh remain popular for outdoor use in high places. Not only are they commonly used for job fairs, they are often streamed for graduation ceremonies, grand openings and construction sites. It’s important for outdoor banners to be water resistant even if they are only used in the summertime. Vinyl signs can be very durable if taken down during windy and rainy conditions.

Getting Proper Permits for Posting Temporary Signs

It’s possible for a business to post a sign in its area to promote an event, depending on ordinances and permits. Every city has its own rules about when or where establishment owners can place signs to attract business. In the city of Raleigh, North Carolina, for example, a zoning permit is needed to post temporary banners or portable signs. The city allows these signs to be up to 64 feet long. Vendors are required to remove the signs within 24 hours after the permit expires.

The City of Phoenix, Arizona, allows for temporary signs through the Planning and Development Department. Temporary signs cannot include portable “A” frames, but the law allows for banners and balloons. These signs may not interfere with the public right-of-way or traffic visibility zone at corners or driveways. Banners cannot project above the roofline and must be attached to a solid structure with a minimum clearance of 8 feet above the ground.

Phoenix also specifies that signs must not be erected more than 2 days prior to the event and can only be posted for a total of 5 days. The city further requires that no more than 4 events at one business site may be conducted per calendar year. As for businesses in other cities across America, due to the complexity of local laws, it’s important to approach local officials first before planning signs.

Find out what zones allow permits for temporary signs and how long they can be used. For more information on proper event signs, contact Zumar at our Arizona, California or Washington location.

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