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What is All the Fuss about School Crossing Signs?

March 2, 2017

Many daily drivers are frustrated at what they perceive as the overabundance of school crossing signs in their community. However, these unobtrusive and affordable tools provide real value. When properly installed and maintained school crossing signs perform several important functions. Here are just three of the most noteworthy:

First, better traffic flow – School zones cause a backup in traffic. The situation is unavoidable, but can be ameliorated to a significant degree with the right traffic signs. Drivers and pedestrians must obey the rules of the road but properly analyzed and demarcated school zones can reliably keep traffic moving even during peak periods. It is up to drivers to trust in the system or they risk much worse. Do not even bother trying to avoid the main route as it will only slow you down even more.

Second, cost savings – Fines for speeding in a school zone are notoriously punitive. Even if no accident is involved, your local municipality will make you pay through the nose for flouting this particular law. As with the rest of the population, most law enforcement officers and judicial employees have children of their own and will look seriously at anyone with the temerity to put children at risk and then fine them to the maximum. If caught and ticketed, you will find yourself in a no-win situation.

Finally, improved safety – Similarly, no one wants to have the injury or death of a child on their conscience. For your own sake and peace of mind, pay attention to the static and dynamic school crossing signs that dot your neighborhood. All of these signs are designed to simply jog your memory that an unknowing child may cross into your path without looking. Is it not better to take a few more minutes on the road than to spend a lifetime ruing a poor decision?

For further information on school crossing signs and their value to young students in particular and society as a whole, contact Zumar Industries. We design and manufacture the finest in school crossing and other safety signs. We will be happy to lend your our years of experience to find the most affordable solution to your signage needs. You will find us online at or you can reach us directly at 800.654.7446.

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