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What All Road Signs Have in Common

May 10, 2018

Schools should be aware that all road signs need care and maintenance in order to last for many years. Whether the signs are pavement markings or erected on poles, they need to be easy to read from far away. Here are some of the characteristics that affect all road signs to help you with your maintenance planning.

Fading From Sunlight

Exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun is the primary reason why all road signs that aren’t protected by shade inevitably fade over time. The coating on aluminum signs protects the sign from fading, cracking, chipping and rusting for 5-7 years. Higher grade reflective aluminum will provide maximum durability for over a decade.

Extreme Weather Damage

Signs can get damaged by turbulent weather conditions. The highest quality signs can handle subzero temperatures as well as the hottest temperatures on the planet. Plastic signs are more likely to suffer damage from heavy winds and hard rain. Road markings can last up to a decade before requiring an update. All outdoor signs do have the potential to be degraded by rain, snow, flooding and other natural disasters and need eventual replacement.

Damage from Vandalism

High crime areas are prone to vandalism, where any sign is a potential target for graffiti that might paint an unfavorable picture to the neighborhood. Some vandals collect street signs as a badge of honor to show off. If they can’t get to the elevated signs, vandals can still add graffiti to pavement markings, but are more likely to just use chalk.

Potential Damage from Accidents

Another commonality among all road signs is that they can easily be damaged by car accidents. A sign on a metal pole is more likely to be taken down by a collision from a large vehicle than vandals or a storm. Sign placement and how well it is mounted are important factors in sign longevity.

Must Be Easy to Read

Regardless of the message, all road signs have the purpose of identifying the street name. If the text is too dirty and cannot be easily read, it should be cleaned, repaired or replaced. Community residents may start to complain to local leaders about how neglected sign damage can affect image of the neighborhood, which is tied to property values.

Take a look at all road signs near your school. The message should be clear anytime of the day and the sign should be in good condition. If you want the signs to last for at least a decade then be sure to plan annual inspections so that problems can be caught early.

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