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Vis-Z-Shield®: a low-cost safety device

August 4, 2015


The goal of traffic safety is to keep motorists and pedestrians safe regardless of the time-of-day, weather, traffic volume, or any of the other endless variables that lead to accidents or worse. Engineers and community members work tirelessly trying to find new ways to ensure safety in their cities and communities. There are often high-risk areas that need additional attention, such as dangerous curves, school or pedestrian crossings, wrong-way entrances, and non-signalized intersections. While there are many ways to address safety in these areas, one way is to draw more awareness to traffic signs. At Zumar, we offer a low-cost safety device called Vis-Z-Shield® to assist with these types of important traffic-safety situations.

Vis-Z-Shield® adds three-sides of reflectivity to any sign post—increasing the overall target value of the sign, as well as alerting motorists and pedestrians to the sign from multiple angles. Alternative solutions exist, and include painting sign posts, nailing reflectors to the sides of sign posts, or even draping reflective tape around the sign post. However, comparatively, Vis-Z-Shield® lasts longer, it’s equally or easier to install, and—most importantly—it works more effectively. Literally, it performs on the same principle as a safety vest. When worn properly, a safety vest increases your chances of being seen by motorists and decreasing your chances to be hit—same with Vis-Z-Shield®.

Vis-Z-Shield® has many notable features and benefits:

  • MUTCD compliant
  • reduces your exposure to tort liabilities
  • can be produced in any length with any sheeting type
  • designed for easy installation, even to existing sing posts
  • low-cost measure to address traffic-safety signs in your city and community

The American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA) has also conducted case studies on emerging safety countermeasures for wrong-way driving that include the use of retroreflective strips on sign supports. Click here to read those case studies.

Click here to download the brochure.

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