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Utilizing Authorized Vehicles Only Signs

May 31, 2019

Signs are everywhere you turn but how many of them get noticed by any given person? Traffic signs have a strong impact on drivers, but only if messages are clear and not overdone. Certain specialized signs such as one for “authorized vehicles only” should be placed where they make sense, such as a back parking lot that does not appear to be available to the general public.

Importance of Sign Placement

Where you place a sign is just as important as the message since it often indicates a location in relation to another location and the immediacy involved. If you place a “no parking” sign in a random location where it appears there’s no consequence for parking, the sign will have less impact. Drivers see so many “no parking” signs that they’ve learned sometimes these signs are more meant to keep an area clear rather than a place where citations are handed out.

“Authorized vehicles only” has a more authoritative message than “no parking” partly because it’s not as common and it conveys a more precise meaning. While “no parking” sounds very general, “authorized vehicles only” is unequivocally stating that as an individual driver you must meet a specific requirement. For this reason, it may be a more effective sign in certain locations. It’s important for the zone set aside for authorized vehicles to look special or facilitate purposes in such a way that are clearly off-limits to the public.

Employee and VIP Parking

Small organizations have to deal with limited parking slots, which sometimes must be split between employees and customers. Setting aside private parking slots for managers helps them get to work on time instead of fighting for a place to park. In that sense, it’s helping maintain business morale and is keeping the business running orderly. But imagine how disruptive each day would be if managers came in late and were upset because they couldn’t find a place to park where they could get to work on time.

The use of “authorized vehicles only” signs should be considered for any business that wants to keep certain areas clear. These signs are useful for maintenance areas or places where you expect selected business traffic, such as for VIPs or vendors. Reserving spaces for certain people saves time and conveys a more inviting atmosphere.


Special signs such as those for authorized vehicles only should be posted in appropriate positions so that they don’t lose impact. Contact Zumar at our Arizona, California or Washington location to learn more about specialized traffic signs.

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