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Using an Authorized Vehicles Only Sign for Privacy

March 24, 2020

Signs posted for Authorized Vehicles Only are important for maintaining reserved parking spaces and keeping unwanted traffic in certain areas. It’s up to the property owner to determine which vehicle owners have permission to park in specific spots. Here are reasons to use these signs to limit parking for only selected vehicles.

Keeping Strangers Away

Communities where privacy is a top priority may post a series of signs for Authorized Vehicles Only simply as a message to strangers to avoid being curious and hanging out. Apartment complexes and homeowner associations may post these signs to limit the amount of visitors who stay in the area. Not only do these signs keep unfamiliar vehicles from using parking spaces, they deter trespassers from loitering.

When the goal of the community is to protect the neighborhood from strangers, community leaders might adopt a plan for authorized vehicles to display a certain window sticker. If this is the case, the corresponding sign should explain the necessity of the decal. Many parking facilities sell monthly passes or decals to display in windows. By restricting traffic in an area, the community can maintain a low profile and keep streets from becoming congested.

This sign can be helpful for private residents that live in a more rural environment and don’t want RVs or other travelers camping near their homes. It’s also useful for commercial facilities that use multiple roads but don’t want regular traffic taking shortcuts through the facility.

No Parking and Loading Zones

Another reason to post an Authorized Vehicles Only Sign is to keep loading zones free and open to affiliated workers. The area in question may not be used regularly for a loading zone, but its occasional use warrants the sign. The fact that the term “vehicles” is plural allows the sign to enforce a no parking policy on an entire street or parking lot.

The Authorized Vehicles Only sign may apply to whoever the property owner has decided to grant permission, which may include staff, law enforcement and emergency vehicles. The sign can be displayed in numerous ways. Perhaps it’s most effective when combining the message with a stop sign, using a red background and white lettering of vice versa. It can also be a black and white sign, but red usually stands out more and appears to be more authoritative.

These signs are effective when posted on commercial property, especially at industrial facilities. They help keep the public away from hazardous areas where there may be exposure to dangerous chemicals. The signs are also useful for posting in maintenance areas at work sites, where only certain types of vehicles are allowed.

Variations of the sign include “Unauthorized Vehicles Prohibited” and “Authorized Vehicles Only Beyond This Point.” Other signs might include “No Trespassing or Loitering” and “Violators Will Be Prosecuted.”


There are various signs that send a message to drivers to avoid parking in a certain location, such as the Authorized Vehicles Only sign. Contact Zumar at our Arizona, California or Washington location to learn more about specific signage for your organization or neighborhod.

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