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Understanding Different Shapes used on Safety Signs

March 9, 2017

To protect employees, clients, and visitors at the workplace, firms erect safety signs to inform people about potential safety hazards. The shape of each safety sign communicates a distinct message to the users.

Safety signs are grouped into 3 categories of regulatory, information, and warning. Each category is ascertained by the shape of the sign.

Regulatory signs

  • Octagon- This sign informs motorists about what action to take or not when driving. They are commonly used for Do Not Enter, Wrong Way, Yield, and Stop signs.
  • Triangle- Signs with a triangle shape alert motorists to slow down and allow vehicles from another direction to have the right of way.
  • Circle- signs with a red circle on them are meant to stop drivers from doing something. When motorists see this sign, they may not enter, turn left or right or perform a U-turn.

Warning signs

  • Diamond- on seeing a diamond-shaped sign, motorists should be wary of potentially dangerous road conditions, such as sharp curves, slippery roads, or hidden intersections. Their backgrounds are usually yellow in color.
  • Pentagon- pentagon-shaped signs alert motorists to slow down for school children or pedestrians crossing the road frequently.
  • Pennant- these signs are warnings to drivers not to pass traffic in front of them due to restrictive conditions on the road. They may be placed at reasonable intervals to remind motorists until the no-passing-zones are cleared.

Information signs

  • Rectangular signs are purposely used to inform drivers of a number of issues. These issues include road hazards or a one-way street ahead.

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