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Trust Zumar for Your Quality Signs

August 24, 2017

Signs are important for the safety of everyone. Drivers and pedestrians will come across signs on the road and they are found in front of buildings and residential areas. There are those that are put up to give directions, others that warn of potential dangers, and those that tell you how far away you are from the next city or town or where the next rest stop can be found.

Warning Signs

Many signs will give a warning of possible danger. Bold symbols, colors, and shapes make them highly visible so they are difficult to miss. This way, they can display the warning message they are supposed to give which can make the difference between life and death.

These include:

  • Stop signs
  • School zone signs
  • Yield
  • Railway crossing
  • Bicycle route
  • Do not enter this road
  • Do not stop in the area between the signs
  • Do not stand in the area between the signs
  • Do not turn left at the intersection

Guidance, Instructions and Directions Signs

Signs are also used to guide, instruct and direct. These signs are especially helpful when emergencies arise. Examples of these are emergency exit signs in case of the event of a fire or other disaster and those that show people where to go when seeking emergency services at a hospital.

Directional signs include those that indicate the distance to towns and cities on the road, exit signs on freeways and freeway interchanges or exits that have numbers which correspond to the distance from the beginning of the freeway. There are also directional signs that show the upcoming roundabout exits and where they will take you and those that point towards facilities such as hospitals, airports, institutions and parking areas.

Visual Signs

Signs can be written in words or with visual images. These signs are made to communicate a message with an image which makes them understandable to everyone no matter which language they speak. Also, visual signs are easier to understand in the event of an emergency, which allows for faster action to give assistance to those who need it.

Examples of these signs are road signs like those of a blue circle with a white arrow which may indicate that a driver can go ahead only, turn left ahead, or turn left. There is also the upside triangle sign to indicate a yield, the white circle with red border sign for no entry, and the blue sign with a white P which points drivers to a parking area.

Quality Signs from Zumar Industries

In the U.S, signs have to adhere to the federal regulations. The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) changed the U.S code to provide clarification of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). With this code that covers signs to any road that is used by the public, those who own or manage property must put up signs that adhere to this code.

Get Them from Zumar Industries

Since setting up shop decades ago, Zumar Industries has grown to become the go-to company for quality signs. Signs from Zumar Industries also meet all the requirements for design, reflectivity, size and mounting height. As the owner or manager of one of the above types of property, you could be held liable for not putting up proper signage as is required,

Contact Zumar Industries today and get an online quote for whichever quality signs you need.


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