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Traffic Delineators

June 21, 2016 defines delineator as something that delineates. In the same sense, the use of traffic delineators is meant to ‘delineate’ or direct its flow into desired lanes or sections. Your use of the traffic controllers will depend on the occasion and purpose. They come in different colors, heights, and designs depending on your preference. In design, they are meant to withstand any impacts by vehicles and high capacity traffic. No matter the category that you choose to use in delineating your traffic, they all come with reflective sheeting. The sheeting is meant to be visible and help guide the traffic of the boundaries to be observed. Normally, the reflective sheeting can be applied on one side or both sides.

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Zumar has been in the business of providing businesses, schools, and governments with signage services for more than half a century. Since its inception in 1947, the company has always been keen to observe all federal regulations and requirements for use of signage on private property. As a requirement, traffic signs are to meet certain thresholds with regard to design, reflectivity, height and size. All this is done to ensure you as a road user are not confused with inconsistent signage no matter where you travel.

Custom orders

Schools, businesses and individuals might need delineators for different purposes. At your school for example, they might be to guide the flow of your students through certain high traffic areas. They might also be used in your parking lots or delineate certain sections of your grounds for special purposes. As a business, it is safe to ensure that your customers are directed properly to your premises to avoid losing business due to missed turns or the customers joining the wrong lane. The use of delineators is complimented by proper signage to show what they mean in places where they are installed.

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With the expertise and high state of technology utilized at Zumar, you can rest assured that your order of traffic guiding material will be attended to with the highest level of professionalism you have never witnessed elsewhere in this industry. Whether you need them for your school, business or personal usage, your order is in the right hands. Your order can be custom or you can select from those already designed in-house for use in parking lots, channelizer curbing, and crosswalk identification.

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