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Traffic Data Collection Software From TraffiCalm

February 28, 2020

Many traffic control systems around the United States are integrating products manufactured by TraffiCalm, which provides software solutions for multiple electronic display products. These portable systems include solar-powered or battery-powered displays that give messages to drivers for monitoring speeds, issuing road condition warnings and alerts on specific driving instructions. Here are points to know about TraffiCalm’s data collection software.

How the System Works

TraffiCalm provides traffic control solutions for municipalities, residential areas, work zones, law enforcement, and schools. The portable electronic display systems come on trailers so that they can be moved from place to place easily for temporary monitoring or driver alert purposes. The signs are based on radar technology that monitor traffic, while IoT software collects data about traffic speeds, volume, and other details. The data can then be downloaded through a wireless Bluetooth connection on a Windows PC.

The appeal of these systems is that they save time and money, as they are easily and quickly set up. They are designed to meet Department of Transportation regulations and can be configured in multiple ways, depending on the jurisdiction and situation. These traffic calming solutions are based on traffic studies. Expert review of analytics generated by the software can result in decision-making that promotes safer streets.

Traffic Data Collection Software

Under the umbrella of smart technology, traffic data collection software is an innovative approach to monitoring traffic flow. TraffiCalm won the “2016 Innovation Award” presented by the American Traffic Safety Services Association for its SignAlert system, which combines LED, solar, radar, and software technology.

A SafetyCalm app can be used remotely on an Android-based smartphone or Bluetooth-enabled Windows PC or tablet by traffic officials to monitor data on traffic conditions and to set configuration settings. Adjustments can be made for various options such as beacon output, LED brightness, and message scheduling. Officials can also use the app for downloading reports on speed and other data logs. This data can also be analyzed by SafetyCalm software.

The software comes with a quick start guide, while TraffiCalm also provides free technical support for the life of its products. TraffiCalm’s technical support number is (855) 738-2722. Although TraffiCalm is the manufacturer, it does not offer onsite installation services, since the devices are easy to install either by the purchaser or with the help of a professional consultant. Purchasers of TraffiCalm products can find more information on the company’s website, which offers tutorial videos as well.

For entities that do not have Bluetooth available on the their PC or mobile device, they can purchase a Bluetooth adapter that plugs into a USB port. The software configuration involves multiple variables such as real-time power source selection, clock setting, and scheduling. The various reports give insights on speeding vehicles, average speeds, fastest and slowest speeds detected, and speed distribution.


A wealth of traffic infornation can be studied from TraffiCalm’s traffic data collection software. This information can be used to make decisions that help save lives. Contact Zumar at our Arizona, California or Washington location to learn more about electronic traffic control devices.

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