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Traffic Control

January 29, 2016

Traffic control delineators. Safety should always come first. School systems across the country are always striving to improve all areas of safety for their student body and staff. Delineators are one way to achieve this. Traffic control before, during, and after school is a top priority. Zumar Industries recognizes the importance of safety and provides delineators to prioritize safety of students and staff. Values of quality, care, and integrity have always been important at Zumar and the products and services offered by the company will help keep traffic under control.

Traffic control signs. There are many products designed to call attention to both drivers and pedestrians—signs especially. Signs are designed to help traffic flow to and from the workplace, school, or busy city streets to and keep traffic problems at a minimum. Our high-quality signs are made by professionals who have expertise in the area of design. If you notice a problem with the traffic at busy school crossings or bus stops, a big difference can be seen after a traffic sign has been installed. Once the sign is in place, you should begin to see a more organized effort on both the drivers and the pedestrians.

Construction zone safety. Have you ever felt overwhelmed when driving through a construction zone on the highway? Traffic control is a must when trying to navigate through a work zone. The products to help control the flow of traffic throughout the zone can be purchased from Zumar, as well as pavement markings, sign components, and much more.

Often times, a particular custom made sign is needed for specific traffic control issues. Zumar values its customers and the employees who are professionally trained to create the sign you want. The top-grade materials combined with the expertise of design are sure to meet your satisfaction.

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