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Top 5 Reasons For Investing in Driving Signs

November 14, 2017

There are multiple reasons for an organization to invest in driving signs. Your organization may need these signs as a safety measure to protect your visitors from taking wrong turns. Here are five important reasons to purchase driving signs for your establishment.

1. Identify Your Property

Community organizations such as schools and hospitals usually have big signs in the front so they stand out and are familiar local landmarks. If you choose signs made of durable materials they can bring you many years of value. Signs are useful because they clarify locations and help save time. Without a sign, people might drive past your building.

2. Guide Visitors

Signs can direct visitors for parking or down hallways. Even when signs use symbols instead of words, they have the power to communicate on a subconscious level. Many times, symbols can create a mental image faster than words. Stick figures in action are often effective at delivering clear messages that tell people what they need to know or where they need to go. Certain shapes and colors also help speed up interpretation.

3. Warn of Danger

Danger signs are useful for keeping the public clear of potential disasters. They are common for alerting people to slippery or wet roads. These signs are useful in the winter and can be used year after year. You may also need a “keep out” sign that helps clear areas where maintenance work is conducted. Organizations such as schools and hospitals, where there is ongoing traffic all year round, may consider extra “stop” and “slow” signs in the parking lot.

4. Special Events

You may have certain annual events which enable you to reuse a sign every year. A sign that just says “party” or “event” can be used for numerous special events. One of the most common ways to promote an organization at a public event is with a big banner of the logo. Ideally, the banner will be large enough so it can be seen by people in cars driving by. If you decide to have valet parking at your event, signs can be used to inform drivers where not to turn. “No Entry” signs are particularly useful in directing traffic.

5. Promotional Signs

Every organization has unique features which may call for customized signs for promotional purposes. Digital and screen printing is a high quality route that can make your sign stand out at fairs and trade shows. The materials are based on:

  • aluminum
  • plastics
  • vinyl
  • reflective sheeting
  • non-reflective sheeting

Signage at public events is an excellent way to attract attention and help build brand awareness. These signs can be used in conjunction with driving signs, creating perceptions of authority. Another effective way to promote a brand is with bumper stickers or window stickers, in which clear media is an appropriate choice. The concept of moving billboards is powerful for exposing your brand to endless eyeballs.

If your organization deals with traffic, then driving signs can help visitors find your place, making parking a stress-free experience. The bigger the sign, the more visible it will be to a crowd or drivers from far away. Contact us at Zumar to learn more about how we can provide you with signs for your business. Signs help prevent accidents and get people to their destinations faster.

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