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Tips for Driving Through a Road Construction Zone

February 16, 2017

It’s a fact of life, if you’re driving on the highway you will encounter the fabled orange cone denoting road construction. Construction barrels, cones, and flags can appear any time of the year but are most prevalent from early spring until late fall. Road construction is an annoying, but necessary, part of the driving landscape. Roads and bridges deteriorate under the enormous weight of cars, trucks and buses, so regular road maintenance is necessary for both convenience and safety reasons. There is no magic bullet when it comes to maintaining the infrastructure. Construction projects take time and cause delays.

Here are some ways you and your fellow drivers can create a more pleasant environment in the work zone. When you see a posted change to the speed limit, believe it and obey it. Fines are high, often double, when you get pulled over in a work zone. The highway patrol is not likely to be lenient when it comes to work zone speeders.

Follow the changes to the traffic pattern.

Highway Signs will usually direct you as to the proper merge points or lane crossovers. Stay alert to these indicators. Just because you traveled the same route a few days earlier and followed one traffic pattern doesn’t mean things haven’t changed. Road construction is an ongoing, ever-changing process.

Be kind to your fellow drivers on the road.

There will always be people who are not familiar with the highway, who get confused, or who are not as skilled at driving as they should be. Construction sites are a primary area where it’s in your best interest to watch out for the other guy.

Distracted driving is never safe driving, but its impact in a work zone is compounded.

Avoid cell phone conversations, navigation checks or any other device interruption. You never know when the car in front of you may slow down or stop suddenly, or when a worker or piece of construction equipment might impede the flow of traffic. Keep all senses sharp in a construction area.

Watch for unexpected changes in your driving environment and highway signs. Brake lights, either on the car in front of you or further along the traffic line, could signal a need for even more caution and slower speeds. Keep in touch with Zumar for all custom signs and services.

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