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The Warning Sign

August 8, 2016

Warning Signs

When putting upsigns, there are certain regulations that are supposed to be met in relation their design, height and reflection capabilities. These set of rules are put in place to ensure that the whenever they are put up, they are able to deliver a message that is consistent and understandable to the audience it is intended for. These signs are especially important and are required to be put in place on roads and at construction sites. Apart from these areas where it is usually a requirement of the law to have warning signs, they can also be found at hospitals, airports, business premises and schools. A warning sign can also be used by individuals on their private properties to communicate a message.


Warning signs come in different sizes and shapes. However, there are some standard features that can be found in all signs across the world. Mostly, the signs have a white background and the border features a thick red line. Most of the standard signs required by jurisdictions take the shape of an equilateral triangle. However, individuals may choose to customize the signs they intend to use on their premises or properties to suit their needs.

Warning Sign Production

Zumar is a company that has been in the business of signage production since the early 1940s. The speciality of the company on all things involved with display means that projects like designing, printing, welding and fabrication of signs are handled with professionalism. Having been entrusted with enormous projects by businesses, institutions and government corporations, Zumar is the company that is best placed to handle your warning sign needs. With a team of dedicated professionals that help in bringing your vision into fruition, the company ensures that your expectations are met or surpassed.

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As a renowned player in the industry, Zumar promises you nothing but the best in terms of quality and service. The staffs that deal with customer care handle your queries with warmth and professionalism to make sure that you get all the information you require before placing your order. The technical team expresses the same kind of professionalism and works closely with you to produce signs exactly as you intended. If you do not have any particular design in mind, the company has a wide catalogue that can guide you in selecting the warning sign that will suit you.

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