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The Value of No Pedestrian Crossing Signs

March 18, 2019

Letting pedestrians know their safety is a big concern is one of the most important reasons for posting No Pedestrian Crossing signs. This sign is commonly displayed with a red mark over the image of a pedestrian or with black text over a white background. Here are more reasons why it’s helpful to post these signs that warn people on foot about danger in the immediate area.

Where Danger is Near

Certain highways, streets, and parking lots simply have constant traffic to the point that a No Pedestrian traffic sign is obvious, but still helpful. Any metal sign with a meaningful message can be more economical than hiring a traffic control person or installing an electronic light. A typical placement of such a sign is near a construction site or a place where hazardous materials are kept. Slippery walkways or any other dangerous paths that might attract humans should be considered for No Pedestrian sign placement.

A bus zone might need a No Pedestrian sign to remind bicyclists, skateboarders, and pedestrians to stay clear of the area, especially at a school. The same is true for a loading zone at an airport or large apartment complex. Even though pedestrians are able to figure out with their own senses where dangerous areas exist, signs help reinforce taking safety precautions. In some cases the signs are absolutely necessary, such as on damaged roads or highways populated by big trucks.

No Pedestrian signs may also be useful in industrial business areas to keep people separated from dangerous machinery such as forklift trucks. These signs may help protect an establishment against liability cases in which there was confusion over safety. You may also see No Pedestrian signs at train stations where people must avoid coming near tracks. The sign can be used in wildlife areas where dangerous animals roam and threaten human safety.

Protecting Private Property

Another reason to post a No Pedestrian Crossing sign is to discourage pedestrians from wandering in areas that aren’t necessarily dangerous but require privacy. Owners who don’t want trespassers gathering on their properties may keep strangers away with the right signage. Homeowner associations may want to keep pedestrians away from their properties for privacy reasons. The sign can help define access routes by directing pedestrians away from certain areas and making them aware they should respect private property.

The sign Pedestrians Prohibited can be used in more general situations. It’s useful for posting in rural areas where property lines may not be divided by fences. It may also help keep people away from ranches, farms, and fields where theives can gain access to valuable resources. A No Pedestrian Traffic sign should definitely be placed in what appears to be a walkway but presents dangers to humans. Limiting the number of accidents and misunderstandings among unsuspecting visitors should be a major concern for any company that deals with dangerous materials or conditions.


Protecting property and lives can be accomplished with appropriate signage. Contact us at Zumar to learn more about No Pedestrian signs and other types of signage at our Arizona, California or Washington office.

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