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The Ultimate in Pavement Markings

May 16, 2016

In addition to mastering the control and feel of a car, drivers also have the additional task of learning a brand new language: the language of traffic and pavement markings. In traffic and pavement marking language, a line is never just a line; single, solid lines and double, broken lines have different meanings. Understanding these markings will help drivers to understand the rules of the road. Even the color of the signs have meaning; yellow and white markings all have a different meaning. If you are a driver, you need to take some time to learn their meanings. Pedestrians and cyclists also need to know a few of these symbols for the sake of their safety.

What are pavement markings?

Zumar pavement markings and signs are commonly used to deliver messages to road users. They show drivers, passengers, and cyclists the parts of a road that they should and shouldn’t be using, to indicate where passing is permitted, and provide information about the road conditions up ahead. For instance, drivers need to stay to the right of yellow markings on the road because they separate traffic that is moving in different directions.

At Zumar, we offer a variety of pavement marking products, including:

  • Reflective Pavement Markers
  • Temporary Reflective Pavement Marker
  • Temporary Reflective Pavement Marking Tape
  • Pavement Marking Stencils and more

Whether you are a contractor or an individual who wants to mark pavement, Zumar pavement markings are superior quality along with our backed customer service. We encourage you to learn more about what have to offer, or get in touch with Zumar for any questions you may have.

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