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June 2, 2017

Safety First

What is the value your safety? How do you put a price tag on the safety of your family? These are valid and pertinent questions to ask. For the multitudes of people affected by the 1.3 million fatalities that occur every year due to car accidents, the statistics are a grim reminder of how unsafe road travel can be. Those who enforce the laws of the road and those who abide by them to ensure your most precious treasures (aka family and friends) are protected understand the need for road warning signs. When lives are at stake, the cost of bringing awareness to drivers is a priceless necessity. The burden road warning signs carry is undeniable. This is why investing in premium signs is so important.

Quality sign manufacturers understand that when signs are made correctly they can easily withstand harsh weather and the materials will continue to reflect well day or night. Top tier signs can and do save lives. How can you classify a premium sign from a mediocre one? It comes down to asking the right questions and letting the signage give you the best answers.

Checking it Twice

What do road warning signs need to be a successful investment? Below are a few questions the buyer could use to determine if a sign is going to have the right impact on drivers:

1. How retro-reflective is it? Warning signs need to be visible day or night. Improper sheeting or cheaply applied materials can be hazardous to drivers at night. Make sure that there is a process that measures the retroreflectivity of the sign you decide to purchase.

2. Is the most appropriate color scheme used to reflect the warning signs? Colors effect what drivers see. It’s imperative that the right combination of colors and reflective properties are applied.

3. How does it measure up? What is visible to the naked eye? Requirements must be met to support numerous scenarios that may arise due to inclement weather, or the sometimes unpredictable variable of human eyesight. Because visibility is vital to the successful application of road warning signs, legibly large lettering with clean and bold lines help ensure that drivers will be able to see and understand the signs, no matter the weather or road conditions. This is especially helpful for emergency situations.

4. Studies have proven that larger signs which follow the guidelines as directed by the state have a more positive impact in comparison to smaller sized signs in similar areas. The regulations given by the ruling government, (because different states may have different size regulations concerning signs or where they are allowed to be place) bigger is always better when it comes to sign effectiveness that facilitates safety.

Knowing What Signs to Look For

Are you curious about what road warning signs could mean for or near your business? Perhaps you live in an area where too many accidents occur. The addition of well-placed road safety compliant warning signs may be the ideal option to hinder or discourage unsafe driving practices. Whatever your reason–if you need a sign that serves your purpose, check out the well-trusted Zumar sign manufacturer. Click here and discover a sign manufacturing company that recognizes and strives to fulfill the need for safety-first solutions–one sign at a time!

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