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The Right Stop Sign Is More Than A Traffic Indicator

September 13, 2017

A Life-Saving Innovation

A stop sign is a necessary component for properly regulating traffic, can save lives in a community, and can reduce traffic accidents on a job-site. A new community, a new building, or a new school is going to have a parking lot. The best thing you can do is have structure, so you can avoid collisions and arguments that can result from an unregulated parking lot.

Psychological Considerations

Psychologically, people acquire subconscious driving habits. A stop sign, a stop light, lines on the road, mile markers and reflectors all continuously bombard the mind of the driver. They can become similar to background noise, but simultaneously can serve to direct the driver in a way that doesn’t require applied thought. For example, when you see green, you think “go”. If you see red, you think “stop”. But it’s not just any kind of green or red. If it’s not the particular shade which characterizes stop lights across the country, it might not even be consciously registered and end up disregarded.

The Right Sign Provider

When you buy a sign for your business needs, it’s important that they come from providers who design them in a way which matches the subconscious needs of diverse drivers. The signs have to match established standards.

The look of a sign is only part of it. The sign itself must be designed with reflective material that will catch headlights or it will fail to instigate a reaction in the driver. The signs must be coated in materials which are easy to clean. When it comes to beating possible vandalism is making sure your signs are coated in a material which won’t adhere so well to the paint, and can be wiped off with a solvent.

Realistic Considerations Regarding Infrastructure

Whether it’s a larger construction project or a new community with a new school, there will be a need for more signage. Not only will you need stop signs, you will need signs that bar entry to certain areas, as as advisory signs if there are tight curves into or out of a given parking lot, and reference signs to inform drivers the location of certain landmarks.

Proper Sign Features Consolidated

If you can consolidate your expenditure in signage to a single organization, it will save time, money, and your peace of mind. What you’re looking for is:

  • A company who offers signs with the right level of sturdiness
  • Signs that are properly colored
  • Signs available in multiple sizes and mountable multiple ways
  • Signs that are properly reflective
  • Signs that can be easily cleaned in the event of vandalism.

One organization that can help you find the sort of stop sign solutions which will safeguard your community against confused driving, try For more information about stop signs, call Zumar at our Arizona, California, or Washington location.

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