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The Many Faces of the Road Closed Sign

May 13, 2016

Traffic signs are used to control traffic and to guide drivers in certain traffic situations. They also warn the drivers, tell them about the rules to follow as well as inform them about the conditions of the road such as icy, slippery, no outlet, road closed sign and much more.

Common regulatory signs

There is a wide variety of regulatory signs that are popularly used that include:

  • Wrong Way
  • Road Closed
  • No Through Traffic
  • Sidewalk Closed
  • Authorized Vehicles Only
  • No Trespassing Private Property
  • No Buses
  • Slow School Zone
  • No trucks and so on

Road closed signs are usually placed at each end of the road closure together with a physical barrier that prevents through traffic. This can be as a result of road works, flooding or any other process that can pose the danger to road users or those working on the road. Ignoring a road closed sign can be dangerous to life, lead to being trapped, can cause damage to vehicles or cause a traffic buildup. It can also lead to legal action especially when it involves forcefully entry into unauthorized premises.

Choosing the right road sign to use

When selecting closed road sign, choose a reflective material that is also durable and affordable so that it is highly visible to drivers and other road users. Being durable will ensure that it withstands harsh weather conditions for a longer time. Road signs usually come having different sizes and mounting options, so choose the right specifications and accessories that will make the entire road sign visible from a distance even when there are limited lighting conditions. There are quite many brands in the market, and you should go for a quality brand that is affordable.

Where to purchase road closed signs

If you know what you are looking for in a road sign, it shouldn’t be hard to get the right supplier. A supplier that stock an assortment of signs or better still manufactures them together with their installation tools is a good candidate. This will allow you to make an unlimited choice having all the options on the table.

Road signs are very important traffic management tools that help in guiding drivers so that they avoid making mistakes like making abrupt turns or using a wrong route among other things. At Zumar, we only offer the best. View our road closed sign options here.

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