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The Importance of Warning Signs

May 17, 2016

Warning signs are required to meet specific requirements related to their reflectivity, design, a height that they will be mounted and size. All these are done to make sure that the people the message is being passed on to receive messages that are consistent and uniform regardless of where they are. These signs are especially important and required to be used on roads and construction site. However, these are just examples of the areas where it is common to find various types of warning signs. Other places that warning signs can be used include in hospitals, schools, businesses, industries, airports and so on. When used on roads, they are also referred to as traffic signs and are used to make the road users aware of a hazard ahead that might not be apparent.

Different origins, same message

In many countries, these signs take the shape of an equilateral triangle that has a uniform white background and red colored border that is thick. The specifications of the warning signs vary from country to country and from one individual to the next. Some signs are placed on hazardous material that is also seen to be almost similar across different regions, albeit with few alterations. For example, in some countries, the signs have images only, in others they have words while other have a combination of the two.

Place your special order

Zumar is a company that specializes in all things display. From sign design to print and welding or fabrication, you can be assured that the project you have is in the hands of professionals. From the early 1940s, the company has handled projects of all sizes and demand. It is no doubt why it is commonly referred to as the company behind the sign. Among the most common signs include the famous Hollywood sign. If you have any upcoming project that needs to make use of warning signs, we will be more than delighted to help you through the process of bringing your vision into a reality. We take on challenging tasks and deliver the quality that will leave you satisfied.

As a proud manufacturer of high-quality signs and traffic safety products Zumar guarantees customers the best in service delivery and order handling. It is possible to develop your special warning sign that carries the kind of message you wish to pass along.

Customers who want to have signs erected on private properties and residences, in particular, can also place their custom orders with us.

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