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The Importance of High-quality Custom Road Signs

May 4, 2017

Every business, school, hospital, church, army base, or other location that generates consistently high traffic levels will find itself in need of road signs in order to function efficiently and safely.

Identifying the types of signs that will best serve your employees, customers, and other visitors as they drive and walk on your property is the first step to equipping your organization with the necessary signage. Next, you will need to carefully consider the optimal placement for these road signs. Finally, it is critical to choose a reputable sign manufacturer to ensure the highest level of quality and customization.

Assessing Your Road Signs Needs

There are three basic types of signs you may be in need of: traffic signs, safety signs, and custom signs.

Controlling automobile traffic as it moves into, out of, and through your premises will require strategically placed STOP, YIELD, Merge, Directional Arrow, Speed Limit, Do Not Enter, One Way, Parking, and No Parking, and other important signs.

Pedestrian Crossing, Railroad Crossing, Handicap Parking, School Zone, Road Work, and other safety-focused traffic signs are critical. Emergency evacuation route, OSHA Danger or Warning signs, Children at Play, Fire Lane, and other safety signs may also be necessary.

Custom signs that advertise your business, educate the public about historic sites, or label different buildings or zones both assist visitors and add uniqueness to your property. Selecting the shapes, sizes, colors, design, text, and material of the sign lets you precisely portray the image and communicate the information you desire.

Strategic Signage Layout

In part, you will need to consult local, state, and federal regulations to discover not only which road signs you need but also where they must be placed. Compliance is certainly indispensable.

But safety is also key in making these decisions. A road sign safety expert should survey your premises and make his/her suggestions. Two ways to decide on placements are: think like a visitor who is driving through your grounds for the very first time and to take into account records of past accidents or complaints.

Your signs should make it quick and easy, “intuitive” even, to navigate your grounds. Both road and pedestrian traffic must be controlled and their interactions made as safe as possible.

Considering the massive amount of property damage, personal injuries, and fatalities that occur every year due to absent or ill-placed signage, (and the potential high cost of a lawsuit), no one should take these matters lightly.

Choosing a Reliable Road Sign Provider

When you select your road sign manufacturer, there are a number of important factors to consider:

  • How long has the company been in the road signs industry? Zumar Industries has been making high-quality signs for 70 years. It’s hard to argue with that kind of pedigree.
  • Does the company manufacture a wide variety of sign types and accessories and offer a full range of services? Does this include providing fully customized signs?
  • Will company staff work with you closely to answer all of your questions and assist you in complying with all relevant government regulations? Will they help you select signs and form a layout strategy?

Only by choosing the right signs, placing them optimally, and relying on the best manufacturers in the business can you maximize the safety and efficiency of your on-site road signage.

To learn more about how road signs impact your business or other organization and how to outfit your premises with signs in the most effective manner possible, contact Zumar today.

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