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The Effectiveness of Driver Feedback Signs

May 17, 2019

One of the best ways to keep traffic under control is posting a driver feedback sign which displays the driver’s current speed based on radar. These signs help remind speeding drivers to slow down and that they are being monitored electronically. Here are key reasons to consider installing driver feedback signs in your area.

Proven Effectiveness of Feedback Signs

The thinking behind driver feedback signs is associated with feedback loops, in which people get feedback about thier actions in real time, giving them a choice to change their actions. Driver feedback signs are used to create a calming effect on traffic.

These feedback signs have proven to slow down speeding traffic 80% of the time. They also help slow down the fasest drivers by up to 20%. The signs are completely MUTCD compliant and designed to be durable enough to withstand severe winter conditions. They have further proven to be reliable at reaching traffic control goals.

The feedback signs can easily be mounted underneath speed limit signs and other existing posts. Signs should be strategically placed so that drivers are reminded of the speed limit without overkill of too many signs. The electronic sign is dynamic, as it is constantly changing, generating more of a life-like quality than a static sign. Furthermore, the message is personalized, which has a greater impact on drivers than generic signs.

Making School Zones Safer

Signs displaying driver speeds are effective when placed near schools. The combination of the school, speed limit and “your speed” messages alerts drivers that fines could skyrocket in school zones. The most modern visible school lights have face-mounted LED flashers, making them easy to notice. LED lights in general are more efficient and durable than conventional lights and are more eco-friendly.

Even though school sessions involving children take place in the day, adding electronic lights and messages creates a more direct communication with drivers in school zones. Giving drivers immediate feedback with speed detection helps build a stronger awareness in the community that drivers need to adjust speeds near schools.

These driver feedback signs work in other crowded environments as well, such as at construction crew sites, airports and hospitals. The feedback signs are often placed in communities where speeding has been a problem in the past.


The more you communicate with drivers electronically, the more influence you will have at calming traffic in your neighborhood. One of the best methods at calming traffic is the use of driver feedback signs, which serve as warnings. Contact Zumar at our Arizona, Washington and California locations for more information on driver feedback signs.

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