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The Benefits of LED Traffic Signs

May 28, 2019

LED lighting can be applied to traffic signs to create better visibility at night or in cloudy weather. Adding lights to a standard stop sign can draw more attention in a crowded parking lot. Here are important points to remember if you are investing in LED traffic signs.

How LED Lights Cut Costs

Big box stores have had to cut costs to survive, which has helped pave a shift toward LED lighting among large structures. Due to greater visibility, durability and efficiency, these modern lights have become popular throughout supply chains from warehouses to retail outlets. They also make large parking lots safer, reducing accidents and keeping traffic under control.

One of the most basic ways that LED lights cut costs for a company is that they don’t require as much maintenance. Replacing parts is rare since LED lamps are designed to last much longer than conventional incandescent lamps. While incandescent bulbs commonly last 1,200 hours, LED lights typically last from 25,000 to 100,000 hours.

Better Pedestrian Safety

Adding LED traffic signs to your parking lot helps protect pedestrians, sending a signal to visitors that it’s a safe area for walking. With LED lights placed at corners of the sign, the message is illuminated brightly, making it easy to read on a cloudy or foggy day. Stop signs simply become more authoritative and effective when lit up. It also helps to put LED lights on other traffic signs, such as pedestrian crossing or a school bus speed limit sign.

Placing LED lights around speed limit signs at a school is helpful for reminding drivers to reduce their speed when children are present. The more you place these lights on signs surrounding the school, the more it will alert drivers that they need to watch out for pedestrians.

Eco-Friendly Traffic Lights

LED traffic signs can be solar-powered, which adds another layer of sustainability to your infrastructure. Solar energy is steadily infiltrating and integrating with traditional systems due to energy efficiency. The more you use renewable energy the more you are reducing your carbon footprint and contributing to a cleaner environment. Using solar LED lights allows your organization to publish on its marketing materials that it’s working toward greener solutions.

The public is becoming increasingly aware of environmental protection and is showing growing support for sustainable solutions. LED lighting meets these standards due to providing cost efficency, energy efficiency and durability. LED lights typically last a few decades but can also be recycled.

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