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Take Control of Traffic with One Way Signs

December 12, 2017

The use of “one way signs” on your property to direct traffic in one direction is useful in places where there is not enough space for two lanes. You may also use it for temporary detours or simply to keep cars from entering a certain location. Whether the sign points left or right, it is helpful for keeping traffic moving in one direction.

One Way Sign Variations

There are various ways to display a one way direction. The sign can comprise an arrow pointing left or right or up, which indicates the driver is already moving in the correct direction. Some roads are segmented to only be one way for a certain distance before switching back into two-way traffic. In those cases, you may start the section with a “begin one way” sign, culminating in an “end one way” sign.

Multiple One Way Signs

Depending on property size, you may need multiple one way signs to keep reminding drivers that they are going in the correct direction. One way signs are effective in parking lots with frequent traffic, such as at an apartment complex. The more signs you use, the easier it is for visitors to find their destination. The combination of pavement marking and bright aluminum signs can greatly improve navigation.

One reason why you should be concerned about making signage as visible as possible is to avoid liability for accidents or injuries that may occur on your property. It’s important to make it clear that traffic is controlled in your area.

Other Signs That Direct Traffic Flow

You may consider other messages on signs for certain traffic scenarios. A “do not enter” or no turn symbol may work well in conjunction with one way signs. If your main goal is to slow down traffic then you may want to use yellow diamond-shaped warning signs. Red is a universal color for stop, yield and no access signs.

Keep in mind that sign shape communicates to drivers. Long rectangular and square shapes with red and white lettering are often associated with regulations. Diamond shapes usually indicate some type of warning. A yellow sign with a black arrow pointing to the right indicates there is a sharp curve to the right. Intersection signs can be useful to let drivers know if they face opposing traffic ahead.

You can successfully direct traffic in a certain direction with a series of “one way” signs. Make sure the signs are visible and they are placed in such a way that drivers are aware to not move in the wrong direction. For your free quote on signs for your business property contact Zumar.

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