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Supporting Your Community with Pedestrian Signs

December 7, 2017

Displaying pedestrian signs helps promote a friendly atmosphere, while encouraging slower traffic in your area. If your business is anywhere near a school or hospital, chances are you will see pedestrians on the sidewalk. You may also be located in a scenic or quiet residential area where people enjoy taking walks. The following situations call for pedestrian signs to create a safer environment.

Marked Crosswalks

Wherever there are crosswalks, corresponding pedestrian signs may be needed to make it clear that people are expected to walk across such streets. Many times drivers forget about pedestrians, especially in towns where there isn’t much walking on sidewalks. Joggers, hikers and pedestrians who enjoy the great outdoors still expect to be treated with respect by drivers.

While marked crosswalks help reduce accidents, be aware that unmarked crosswalks designated as walkways may need signs to raise awareness about pedestrians.

Left-Hand Turns

Intersections may be designed to allow pedestrians to walk at the same time a left-hand turn is conducted by the driver. In these scenarios, it helps to post a pedestrian crossing sign, a yellow diamond-shaped metal sign displaying the words “Ped Xing.” This sign alerts the driver to look both ways and slow down for pedestrians.

Parking Lots

About 20 percent of all traffic accidents happen in parking lots due to the over-confidence drivers and pedestrians have about slow and careful driving. All it takes is miscommunication between a pedestrian and a driver to cause an accident. Pedestrians may be struck by a car at their own workplace, due to misunderstandings about parking. Many accidents in parking lots involve children, despite being supervised by parents. According to the NHTSA, many accidents involving children occur from drivers backing up and not seeing the children.

One of the reasons why so many accidents occur in parking lots is that drivers will see an open spot and remain transfixed on it, while losing focus of everything else going on around them. Parking lots contain blind spots, especially when cars are parked near bigger vehicles that obscure visibility. The most dangerous times for pedestrians is during periods of heavy congestion. It helps to post pedestrian signs in places where you expect people to walk alongside traffic, especially for large venues.

Pedestrian signs help raise awareness among drivers to be conscious of pedestrians. Shiny yellow signs are particularly helpful at night and in places where fog builds up, reducing visibility. Pedestrians will feel safer walking on your property when they see signs that remind drivers to watch out for them. To get a free quote,contact Zumar.

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