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Speed Limits – Why Do We Have Them?

December 15, 2016

Why Do We Have Speed Limit Signs?

Speed limit signs are placed along roads and highways to alert drivers to the maximum speed they are allowed to travel on that roadway. Speed limits are designed to enhance safety by reducing the risks created by drivers selecting the speed they wish to drive. Without speed limits, drivers would be traveling at different rates, which would greatly increase the chance of a collision. Speed limits allow law enforcement to provide sanctions for drivers who choose to ignore the limits and endanger those around them.

What Are Common Speed Limits for Certain Roadways?

While speed limits vary from state to state, there are general rules of thumb drivers should follow if they are on a road and unaware of the speed limit. On narrow roads with frequent curves, drivers should maintain a speed of 20 mph. When driving through a business district or near a school, a speed limit of 25 mph should be maintained. Residential areas typically have speed limits of 30 mph. The usual speed limit for open roads and local highways is 40 mph. Major highways generally have 65 mph speed limits and interstate routes have speed limits of 75 mph.

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