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Signs Provide Effective People Control Even if Passive

December 8, 2016

When it comes to how people behave when seeking direction or acting in an emergency, multiple psychological studies have confirmed people go to what they know and are familiar with first. It’s no surprise that people generally try to exit a building the same way they came in. When seeking help they go to someone they know, instead of the the first person they see. The same psychology works with signage. If people don’t have an immediate answer by training and practice, they look for available signs telling them what to do.

Clear and direct signs are the key to directing people. When they are in a hurry or their attention is split, road work signs are passive but effective traffic control. One quick look and the sign has done its job. You know what it means, what it says, and what you are supposed to do per the sign. No wonder signs are universal for key aspects of life.

Signage is not a new concept either. Archeologists have spent decades discovering ancient civilizations and analyzing how they lived. The primary tool most used in understanding a newly discovered community tends to be symbolism and signage on buildings, pottery, or artwork. No one’s left today to say how things actually occurred, but their signage gives us a pretty good idea because symbolism tends to be universal with the human race. We all know what a bird, and dog and a fish look like. We all have an idea what water and fire probably are as well. That’s the power of signage.

Zumar Industries is a key partner in helping your organization choose and install key signage in your facilities and on your properties that have the most desired effect on staff, personnel, students, and traffic. It’s true that anyone can make a sign. However, signs that really get people’s attention and changes their regular behavior are not so easy. Zumar’s expertise and tooling can be at your disposal partnering with them for road work signs or any other kind of signage. Give Zumar’s staff a call today to find out more.

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