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School Safety Signs‚ Just How Safe is your School?

March 7, 2017

Schools take the safety of their staff, pupils, and visitors seriously. School safety signs serve a variety of purposes ranging from giving information (i.e., policy signs) to issuing warnings (i.e., no bullying signs).

4 reasons to have school safety signs:

  1. Requirement by law. Compliance is necessary to ensure a certain level of safety, such as fire exit and emergency escape signs.
  2. Announcement of important information, such as school policies.
  3. Other signs necessary in assisting in navigation, such as pick up and drop off points as well as parking signs.
  4. Some signs issue warnings to inform people of actions or behaviors that will not be tolerated within the school grounds.

Which school safety sign do you need?

  • Informative signs: These are signs such as school policy signs and parking signs.
  • Warning signs: These are signs such as bully free signs, no loitering, no littering, no idling etc. These signs give out warnings on actions and behaviors that are not accepted.
  • School Safety signs: These are signs such as school crossing panels, school traffic signs, and children crossing signs. These signs are erected to boost the safety of children around the school.

The safety of children and staff inside and around the school zone largely remains the school’s responsibility. You can have a signage system that is special and custom designed to suit your school’s safety needs. To ensure proper signage, choose a reputable signage company that has been in the industry for years and satisfies its clients. Zumar is your preferred signage company. Our staff is friendly and rates are affordable. Contact us today to have customized signs fit around your school zone.

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