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School Crossing Zones You Should Not Do Without

June 15, 2016

Like all other traffic signs, school crossing signs are crucial in giving information, warnings and directions regarding traffic within and around the school. These signs usually come in different symbols, dimensions, colors and shapes to ensure that they are easily identified by those involved.

The most notable of all school traffic signs is the school zone sign which is five-sided and has a fluorescent yellow or green background with black symbols. It warns the incoming traffic that there is a school ahead and they should drive carefully, slow down or be watchful for children. Other school zone signs include school bus signs, Children at play signs, no bullying signs, no idling signs, drug-free zone signs and in-street crosswalk signs among others.

The common school crossing signs that are very important in your school include:

School speed limit signs

These are signs that control the speed or rate in which traffic moves in and around the school. You understand that children or students may not be aware of the dangers they face regarding speeding or distracted drivers and it is your duty to put road signs that warn motorists about the presence of children.

School parking signs

School parking signs are important in ensuring that your staff, students, and visitors do not find it difficult to park their vehicles. These signs designate the respective parking spaces for each individual in the school. You can use signs with symbols, such as staff parking, no parking, student parking, reserved for principal and so on.

Speed bump signs

It is a good thing almost every school has speed bumps on the school parking areas. The problem usually arises when there are no signs to indicate the presence of such speed bumps. The result is that drivers get surprised when they hit them since they were not alerted to slow down as they approach them.

Supplemental school signs

These are signs that supplement the existing school zone signs for a safer school environment. They come in a wide range of colors and include traffic directional arrows that can be put in the school parking lot to manage traffic efficiently in the school.

Without school traffic signs like the school crossing signs, the traffic flow in and around your school will be chaotic which not only causes inconveniences to road users but also present great danger to the motorists, students, staff and visitors.

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