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Safety Traffic Tips During a Car Breakdown

January 12, 2017

Nothing disappoints like a car breaking down in the middle of a traffic snarl-up or a busy highway. Frustrations may lead you outside the car thinking you can fix it in the shortest time and proceed with your drive. Doing this could be a greater disaster than waiting. Instead, hold your breath, relax and take control of the situation.

Turn On the Hazard Lights

When your car has a mechanical breakdown, don‚Äôt hesitate to let other traffic users behind you know there‚Äôs a problem ahead by turning on the hazard lights. This will alert them to slow down and avoid the possibility of running into your car — which would be a much worse disaster. This can also alert someone who can help, especially at night when your security is at stake.

Pull Your Car off the Road

Get your car off the main roadway and as far to the side as possible. A motionless car on a busy highway is not only a deathtrap for other unsuspecting drivers, but also a potential cause of unnecessary traffic gridlocks. If you park your car on the shoulder of the highway, use the passenger side to exit, so you do not run the risk of being accidentally hit by oncoming traffic.

Erect a Warning Signal

Your first priority should be making your car as visible as possible. Use all the warning signals you have: flares, flags, warning lights and/or hazard triangles. Erect hazard triangles a few meters behind your car to prompt drivers to slow down as they approach your car’s location. Since emergencies are unpredictable, always carry reflective triangles.

Keep the Doors Locked

Whether inside or outside, keep your car doors locked at all times. Strangers could find access and steal valuables when you are busy fixing the car. If the location is unsafe, wait inside the car until help comes your way. Fasten the safety belts and be extra cautious when dealing with strangers offering to help. While some have goodwill at heart, others could take advantage of the situation. Your intuition will help you notice people with suspicious intentions.

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